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Heartland Interns

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Drew Doig, Intern - working toward his LMFT

Drew Doig is a student at Liberty University that is completing his internship at Heartland Christian Counseling.  Drew is working toward his degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and received his undergraduate degree from the University of Northern Iowa in Social Science Education.  Drew loves working with individuals, adolescents, and families to help navigate whatever difficulties it is that they are facing.  Drew believes that it is through open understanding, and creating a safe space, that the client and clinician can really complete the work.  It is Drew’s goal to create a relationship and space where the client can explore their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Drew likes to focus on cognitive behavioral therapy, focusing on how our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are all intertwined.   


When not working, Drew enjoys hanging out with his family consisting of his wife, their two sons, and dog.  They spend a lot of time together as a family doing various activities.  Drew loves sports and being outdoors.  He tries to get on the golf course as much as he can, or just being outside with his family in general. 

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Aima Egbelakin, Intern - working toward her MSW

Aima is a University of Iowa student on internship with Heartland Christian Counseling. She has an MSC in Management from Indiana Wesleyan University and is currently working to obtain a master's degree in social work.  

Since relocating to the United Stated as an immigrant, Aima’s interactions and lived experiences daily refuel her passion to help individuals, couples, and families heal from the impact of past generational traumas and demystifying myths and stereotypes around mental health issues.  

Aima is a wife and mom of three adorable children. When she is not working, she loves to spend time with her family, traveling and interacting with people from different parts of the world. She also enjoys having enriching conversations with her close friends. Her hobbies include cooking Nigerian dishes, dancing and reading.  


Sam Gregory, Intern - working toward his MSW

Sam is an intern finishing his Master of Social Work degree through the University of Iowa. He graduated with a BSW from Grand View University in 2021 and also works as a nonprofit grant writer. He has professional experience with youth in inpatient treatment as well as in the school setting and is interested in working with both teens and adults. Sam's primary theoretical framework is CBT, and it is his goal to meet every client where they are with compassion and hope.


Sam enjoys lifting weights, making music, and learning more about God's word. He and his wife lead a small group Bible study through their church and love spending time with friends and family. They also have an energetic puppy named Frankie who loves to play!


Kylee Jones, Intern 

My name is Kylee, I am a graduate student who is studying marriage and family therapy through Colorado Christian University.  I am just starting my internship requirements and will finish my degree in December of 2024.  Outside the counseling office, I am a wife for the last 9 years and a mother to two young children. I love to read, write, and paint in my spare time. My favorite thing about the counseling experience is getting to be a witness as clients make connections that sometimes change the trajectory of their lives, improve their daily functioning, and change them for the good. My favorite age group to work with is children ages 4 and up.

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