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Heartland Interns


Lucas Ingle, Intern

Lucas is a clinical mental health counseling student at Drake University working toward his LMHC. He received his B.A. in Psychology from Simpson College. Lucas enjoys working with clients of all ages and with various struggles and challenges. He incorporates various modalities and interventions into his work with clients with a focus on Cognitive-Behavioral, Emotion-Focused, Existential, Reality, and Narrative therapies. He enjoys helping facilitate peoples’ growth to the best version of themselves and heal from past and current pains. He is passionate about helping people learn more about themselves and the meaning in their lives.

Lucas enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, spending time with family and friends, studying the Bible, growing the Church, woodworking, reading, and learning about God’s most complex and beautiful creation: humans


Kylee Jones, Intern 

My name is Kylee, I am a graduate student who is studying marriage and family therapy through Colorado Christian University.  I am just starting my internship requirements and will finish my degree in December of 2024.  Outside the counseling office, I am a wife for the last 9 years and a mother to two young children. I love to read, write, and paint in my spare time. My favorite thing about the counseling experience is getting to be a witness as clients make connections that sometimes change the trajectory of their lives, improve their daily functioning, and change them for the good. My favorite age group to work with is children ages 4 and up.

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