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Psychological Assessment

What is Psychological Assessment?

Psychological assessment is the gathering of information using a variety of tests and questionnaires. Often psychological assessment is used to clarify diagnosis for therapists and medication providers.

At Heartland, we assess for:

  • ADHD

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • Anxiety Disorders

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Career Guidance (including pastoral and ministry readiness)

  • Those Seeking Bariatric Surgery

  • Those Seeking to Adopt

  • Qualification for Intellectual Disability Waivers.

What is it?

The Testing Process: 3 Appointments

Appointment 1: Interview

The first appointment consists of a 90-minute interview with the psychologist. For children and adolescents, this interview will include both the child and at least one parent/legal guardian. Adults are not required to bring anyone to accompany them during the interview, but it can include other individuals, such as a spouse, parent, friend, etc. if desired. During this appointment, you can expect to go over your history, symptoms, and reason for testing.

This interview helps the psychologist get to know you, and it provides the necessary information to determine a testing battery that will be most appropriate for you and your needs.

Appointment 2: Testing

The second appointment is scheduled for 3 hours and consists of testing to determine and/or clarify a diagnosis. The specific tests taken and the time needed to complete them varies from person to person, as the testing process is tailored to your needs. However, testing can often include an intelligence test, a simple sustained attention test, a test of executive functioning, and personality assessments.

Appointment 3: Feedback

The third appointment is scheduled for 1 hour. This is when you will receive your results and a testing report written by the administering psychologist. During this time, the psychologist will walk you through your results, answer any questions, and direct you to helpful resources or possible next steps.

The Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be assessed?

Testing is offered for those over the age of 5, although it is often advantageous to wait (if possible) until age 7. This allows us to use a wider variety of assessments. 

Do I need a referral?

Heartland does not require a referral for testing services.

Where do you offer testing?

Testing is offered in our Pella office only. The Pella office is located at 2611 Washington St, Pella, IA 50219.

What does testing cost?

Everyone's insurance plan is different, and the out-of-pocket cost will vary based on your coverage. The Insurance Worksheet for Psychological Testing walks you through the process of contacting your insurance to determine what your out-of-pocket cost will be. Rates for testing vary based on age and specific tests used.

Rate Estimates (before insurance):

5-6yr/old - $1,226.00

7-17yr/old - $1,572.00

18+yr/old - $1,745.00

I have Medicaid. Can I be tested?

While we can accept Medicaid for therapy services, at this time we cannot submit to Medicaid for testing. You may still be tested but will be responsible for covering the full out-of-pocket cost at the time of service. See rates above.

What if I have non-Medicaid primary insurance, but I have Medicaid as a secondary insurance?

As long as the primary insurance is one that our psychologists are credentialed with, we can submit testing claims to your primary insurance. We still cannot submit to Medicaid, so you will be responsible for any amount your primary insurance does not cover.


Are there any resources that can help me cover the cost of testing?

Heartland is now accepting Care Credit as a payment option, which can offer the opportunity for repayment over time. See the link under "Resources" or click HERE to learn more.



Testing Instructions and Information:

Adult Testing Info

Child Testing Info


Insurance Worksheet for Psychological Testing

Care Credit

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