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Content? It's Up To You. From Pastor Max

Dear Devotion-er’s: One person’s soaring vistas are another’s backyard. That’s just the way it works. The one thing that mostly escapes us is that in the right light, our own backyards soar. Now, for you literalists, I’m not really talking backyards, neither exterior illumination, rather situations. All of us have one. Married or un. Kidded or without. Career bound or retirement coasting. Well or not so much, we all have a situation in which we live, breathe, and move around. And into everyone of our backyards the devil peeps and whispers… “b-o-r-i-n-g”, inviting us to look at the soaring vista next door either with envy or lust, two of his fav’s from way back. St. Paul lived and breathed his way through many a situation, including moving through quite a few not too good. And while he suffered calamity after disaster with death always looming, he saw them all as a ‘seasoning’ of sorts, learning one of this life’s most valuable lessons about finding contentment in your own backyard (situation. Keep up people! 😊) This lesson wasn't from some new technique he learned or something ingested to dull the senses. It was a special gift from you know who. No matter what faces you today, it’s totally up to you how you live it. Sad or bitter? Moving mean or breathing out blessed? Hmmm….maybe better adjust the light. Yep, that does it. Today looks much better lit up by Jesus. So here’s the thing, You’ve got Jesus and His every situation joy right where you are. What else do you need? 1 Timothy 6:6 Now there is great gain in godliness with contentment Discussion:

  1. Somebody else’s soaring vistas look good to you today? Can you hear the devil whispering? 😊

  2. Is Jesus enough for you to be content if your own backyard is a disaster?

God is good and Jesus is in your backyard! Pastor Max Perry Lutheran Homes & Lutheran Family Service

Christ Lutheran Church, Bouton, IA & Zion Lutheran Church, Ogden, IA


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