Church Assistance Program

"...Imagine what would happen if churches were equipped to effectively serve as front doors to mental health care?"

                                            -Matthew Stanford, PhD. - Grace For The Afflicted

Church Assistance Program (CAP)

  • What is CAP - CAP is a partnership program that aims to provide your church with psychological services that can be tailored to the needs of your congregation.

  • CAP Mission - To provide professional counseling resources to the local church.  We believe that in doing so, the local church will be empowered to address mental health needs within their own community.

  • Membership Fees - For churches with 500 members or less, the annual cost for CAP is $1,000.00.  For churches with 500 members or above, annual cost is $1,500.00.  All treatment services remain confidential.

Scope of Services Within CAP Program:

  • Personal Mental Health Liaison - A Heartland Christian Counseling clinician will be assigned to your church to provide mental health consultation to church staff in addressing concerns that may arise.

  • Three Professional Presentations/Trainings - CAP members can work with their liaison to coordinate and schedule up to 3 mental health presentations.  As a church you would be granted the option of selecting the topic of the presentation and scheduling the date.

  • Rates for Staff and/or Congregation - Premarital Sessions: $100/hr and Individual/Family/Couple: $225/Intake, $175/session (up to 3 sessions)

  • One Sunday On-site - HCC will provide expertise and staff for a mental health Sunday.  CAP members can decide the format.  Examples include: A booth with information, a special morning class, a full Sunday service to include worship and a speaker.

  • Referral Information - CAP members will receive information to guide them in providing resources to the congregation for mental health services including crisis services, substance abuse recovery services, local support groups, etc.

How to Enroll into CAP

Step 1 - Identify the mental health needs within your church community.  Review the information on this page to determine if CAP would be beneficial to your church.

Step 2 - Contact Heartland to request a meet and greet(optional) with your potential liaison.  Our head CAP liaison, Stalin George will notify your selected liaison to reach out to you directly to set up a meet and greet.

Step 3 - If the church wants to proceed they will notify their liaison.  A one hour meeting will then be scheduled between the liaison, CAP coordinator and representative of church leadership.  During this meeting the CAP contract will be reviewed and tailored to the needs of your church.  

Additional Resources on CAP

Check out our powerpoint from our 2019 Pastors Lunch and Learn.  Below are some additional printable resources for more information on CAP.

  • Pastoral Lunch & Learn Presentation ​

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • CAP Contract

  • CAP Referral Form

When enrolling in our church assistance program you will be directed to our clinician and head liaison, Stalin George.  Contact us at 515-331-0303 if you would like more information on our Church Assistance Program.